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Haul-In Pass - Winter Season

Programs to Resume on January 11th

We are happy to announce the return of the Kittitas Valley Event Center Equine Sporting Programs.

In accordance with the State of Washington's guidance for Roadmap to Recovery, all participants in activities must preregister with their event coordinator or be registered in the KVEC Haul-In Pass program. Event coordinators must maintain a roster of rental time attendees

Additional guidance that will be require of all participants on premises:
  • Please wear face coverings at all times.
  • Maintain 6ft of social distancing.
  • Capacity of 50 participants for outdoor equine sporting activities.
  • Participants only, minors may be accompanied by one adult. No spectators allowed at this time.
We kindly ask our community help us follow these guidelines so we may continue to host qualified events and programs on our grounds.

October to March - $63 per month

HAUL IN PASSES: the purpose of a Haul-In Pass is to offer patrons an opportunity to exercise and pleasure ride horses during the winter season (October – March ONLY).

The following rules will be enforced by Kittitas Valley Event Center staff. Your cooperation is appreciated.


  • All participants are required to comply with the latest guidelines, mandates, and proclamations set by Kittitas County Public Health Department, Washington State, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). All participants will be required to comply with all social distancing, masking requirements and allowed capacities. If any participant is reported to be out of compliance with the set standards, the ride could be cancelled with loss of deposit or full payment. A maximum of 10 people are allowed in Bloom at a time. This will be a first come – first served basis.

Each Rider Using Bloom Pavilion Must Purchase a Haul-In Pass

  • Rider must have a signed contract and liability waiver on file at the KVEC Office.
  • Rider must have Haul-In Pass worn visibly on his/her person when riding in the Bloom Pavilion.
  • Passes are valid until the last day of the month purchased only.
  • Passes are not transferable or exchanged between riders
  • One Rider with two horses allowed per Haul-In Pass
  • Only one horse in the Bloom Arena at a time, unless you pony one horse.
  • Second horse must be kept in or tied to side of trailer.

Haul-In Pass Time Allocation

  • Haul-In Pass Users may only enter Bloom Pavilion from 12PM to 4PM on Tuesdays and 12PM to 6PM Fridays (Oct 1- March 31) and as scheduled on the calendar. Additional times and dates may be added to the calendar, at the discretion of KVEC and will show as Haul In Pass Extra Ride Time.
  • NEW:Due to the increased need to maintain and prep Bloom Pavilion for other renters, Haul-in pass users will NOT be able to ride during open non-rented times, as has been allowed in the past.
  • Haul-In Pass Users may not enter the Bloom Pavilion when the arena is in use by an Hourly contracted user, unless invited.

Bloom Pavilion Arena Only

  • Rodeo Arena, Pens, Barns, and associated areas are CLOSED to Haul-In patrons.
  • Horse riding is not allowed along paths or grass areas within the facility.
  • Return Bloom Pavilion, parking, restroom areas to the condition you found it – pick up litter, close gates, clean up after yourself, etc.

Arena Work Ups in the Bloom Pavilion

  • Haul-In Pass Users must exit the Bloom Pavilion when the Maintenance Staff are required to work up the arena or perform emergency maintenance. NO EXCEPTIONS

For the Safety of All Haul-In Pass & Hourly Users

  • Be courteous, considerate and aware of fellow riders and horses.
  • All children must be supervised at all times by a non-riding adult.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any time.
  • No horses may be tied inside Bloom Pavilion to arena panels, roping boxes, posts or structures.
  • No horse is to be left unattended.
  • Rider/horse traffic must always travel in one direction. Communicate a change in direction before executing a change in direction.
  • No stallions allowed in Bloom Pavilion when using a Haul-In Pass.
  • Line lunging strictly prohibited with Haul-In Pass.
  • No riding lessons are to be conducted under the Haul-In program. (Lessons further defined below)
  • No breaking or training colts or green horses under the Haul-In Pass program. (Training & Breaking further defined below)
  • No horses allowed in pedestrian or spectator areas and walkways. Horses must remain one horse length away from bleachers.
  • No obstacles including barrels, poles, and jumps allowed in Bloom Pavilion with Haul-In Pass usage.
  • No animals including cattle, goats, and dogs allowed in Bloom Pavilion under Haul-In Pass program.

Lessons (Not Allowed)

  • No private or group lessons allowed with Haul-In Pass usage.
  • Those wishing to give lessons must arrange private hourly time with the Kittitas Valley Event Center business office.
  • Private lessons are defined as anyone giving instructions to an individual and/or a group on a scheduled or organized basis (either outside or inside Bloom Pavilion).

Breaking & Training Horses (Not Allowed)

  • No breaking and training colts and/or green horses on a Haul-In Pass. must book private hourly time. Green horse is defined as any horse that is in its first 60 days of breaking and training.
  • If a rider and/or horse are out of control and/or considered an endangerment to others, KVEC personnel will direct rider/horse to leave premises.

Shoeing Horses Inside Bloom Pavilion (Not Allowed)

  • Horses may be shod ONLY after making a reservation with KVEC business office first, and not in Bloom Pavilion.
  • All material including nails, shoes, hoof clippings, paint must be cleaned up immediately.

Dogs In Boom Pavilion or Barns (Not Allowed)

  • Dogs outside Bloom Pavilion or barns must be leashed and with attendant at all times.
  • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up dog poop and litter.

No Parking in Front of Bloom Pavilion Entrances or Shop Doors

  • Park allowing room for other trucks and trailers.
  • Do not block access in and out of gates, doors, and interior roads.
  • Any trailers or other vehicles and/or equipment left unattended on Event Center grounds for a period over 24 hours, shall accrue a storage fee of $25.00 per day.

All Bloom users are responsible to clean up after their animals and deposit waste in the Pit (against the cliff).

This includes manure pickup in parking lots and roadways.

Forms and Agreements

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