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Additional Services

Event Amenities

Benches (per event) $7.00
Tables - Outdoor Set Up (per event) $7.00
Chairs - Outdoor Set Up (per event) $1.00
Power Board (for additional power needs) $55.00
100-Cup Coffee Maker $16.00
Portable Bar $26.00
Stage Risers (4'x8') $25.00
Large Frame Tent (30'x60') - onsite use $800.00
Large Frame Tent (30'x60') - offsite use $1,575.00
Dressing Room Trailer $150.00
Pipe and Drape Booth (per day) $32.00
Pipe and Drape Foot (per day) $3.00
Bleachers $50.00
Small Portable Outdoor Stage $450.00
Speaker Phone $11.00

Audio/Visual Equipment

Data Projector and Screen $55.00
Portable PA System - Small $55.00
Portable PA System - Large $80.00
Large Sound System $125.00
- (For use in Teanaway, Umtanum, or Outdoors ONLY)

Labor Rates

Labor and Clean up (per employee per hour) $75.00
Motorized Equipment with Operator (per employee per hour) $125.00
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