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Fair Board of Directors

Mission Statement

Revised and Adopted May 20, 1999

Operating under the authority of the Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners, the Fair Board is responsible for conducting the Annual Agricultural County Fair. We are committed to enhancing the Fair and providing education and appreciation of agriculture, natural resources, environment, health, history, cultural enrichment, arts, entertainment, and recreation. The Fair Board is dedicated to continually upgrading the Fair in the belief that a strong County Fair benefits all residents of Kittitas County. The Fair Board will perform their duties to the benefit of the residents of Kittitas County.

Executive Committee

<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;"> Jarred Fudacz</p>

Jarred Fudacz


Home Arts and Youth Crafts
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;"> Bob Eddings</p>

Bob Eddings

Vice President

Swine and Grounds
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Roylene Crawford</p>

Roylene Crawford


Awards and Superintendents
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Bret Hollar</p>

Bret Hollar

Director at Large

The Corral and Friends of the Fair Booth
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Becky Sherley</p>

Becky Sherley

Past President

Sponsorships and Ambassadors

<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Jessie Blackwood</p>

Jessie Blackwood

<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Brittany Briggs</p>

Brittany Briggs

4-H Building, Dogs, Cats, & Shooting Sports 
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Amy Cziske</p>

Amy Cziske

<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Becky McDowell</p>

Becky McDowell

Bloom Pavilion, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits/Cavies and Poultry 
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Matt Martin</p>

Matt Martin

Fine Arts, Photography, and Quilts
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Kristina Paquette</p>

Kristina Paquette

Marketing and Advertising 
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Greg Zempel</p>

Greg Zempel

<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Andrea Blume</p>

Andrea Blume

Commercial and Concession Vendors 
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Eric Celigoy</p>

Eric Celigoy

Beef and Market Sale 
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Jerry Lael</p>

Jerry Lael

<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Bob Martin</p>

Bob Martin

Frontier Village 
<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Clay Myers</p>

Clay Myers

<p style=" margin:0;text-align:left;">Jodee Shenyer</p>

Jodee Shenyer

Equine and Jr. Horse Fair 
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