Kittitas County Fair Livestock Market Sale
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Kittitas County Fair Livestock Market Sale

Support Our Youth

Kittitas County youth have been working hard on their animal projects. In addition to the expense of purchasing their animal, feed, and supplies, these projects require hours of attention in preparing their animals for the market. The youth learn essential life skills such as communication, cooperation, responsibility, and values of food production, along with the humane treatment of animals. The Kittitas County Fair Market Sale provides the community with an opportunity to invest in our youth and their future. Proceeds from the sale of projects often fund college educations, enhancing the ability of these young people to contribute to their communities.

Sale Objectives

  • Provide a sales outlet for market stock raised in a 4-H, FFA, or Grange project exhibited at the Kittitas County Fair.
  • Assist with the educational efforts of the 4-H, FFA, and Grange programs concerning the production and marketing of livestock at the proper weight and quality grade.
  • Provide an opportunity for recognition of the buyers who support our county-wide youth members.

2024 Sale Order

1. goats
2. hogs
3. sheep
4. mini-beef
5. beef


Together your support contributed to a total of over $661,000 raised for our local youth. We appreciate you investing in our local youth projects!


  • Details on how to become a new buyer will be coming soon.
  • Please contact Eric Celigoy at or by calling the fair office at 509-962-7639.

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