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BlastPass Information

BlastPass Credits

As a precautionary effort to limit the number of touch points between our customers, vendors, and fair staff the Kittitas County Fair will be implementing a contactless payment system called BlastPass. Your safety is our primary goal, and limiting the number of transactions that involve handing cash or credit cards back and forth will provide a cleaner event experience.

BlastPass credits will be applied to your choice of either a card or wristband, and will be the only form of payment accepted for food and beverages at the fair this year.

BlastPass FAQs

What is BlastPass?

Can I order my BlastPass card or wristband in advance?

What is RFID?

How do I pick up my card or wristband?

Can I still pay for food and beverages with cash or credit card?

Where can I use my BlastPass card or wristband?

How do the cards and wristbands work?

What happens if I lose my card or wristband?

How long are my credits good for?

How do I reload my card or wristband?

Can I use my BlastPass credits any day of the fari?

Do I still need to bring cash with me to the fair?

Can I get a refund on credits I don't use?

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