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Market Beef Weigh-In

Date: Mar 27, 2021

Beef Weigh-In Event Details

The Beef Weigh-In will be held on SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 7:00-8:30 a.m. at the Kittitas County Fairgrounds in Ellensburg. The purpose of this event is to weigh and ear tag steers that will be sold at the Kittitas County Fair Livestock Sale. Due to covid restrictions, the purpose of this event will ONLY be to weigh and tag steers, there will not be a clinic portion this year.

Beef project members should enter at the 5th Avenue gate, where they will be directed in line to wait until their turn to unload and weigh. Please do not exit your vehicle until you are instructed to. Only youth and one adult will be allowed to exit the vehicle to assist with weighing. Proper face coverings, hand hygiene and 6-foot distancing is required.

Youth need to bring a brand slip that shows their ownership of the steer or a bill of sale for the brand inspector to use as proof of ownership and to provide a brand slip. Payment for the inspection fee must be by check. NO CASH. If the youth is the producer, provide a brand slip stating, “Exhibitor is the producer”.
* Animal Health Record Required at Weigh-In *

The 4-H/FFA Livestock Committee requires a copy of the updated Producer/Breeder Affidavit & Market Animal Heath Record (single form) be submitted online before the spring weigh-in for each species. By federal law meat processors must identify the origin of animals entering the food supply; state law requires animal disease traceability made possible through the transfer of health records from one owner to the next. Without this record turned in you will not be able to sell your animal at the Kittitas County Fair Livestock Sale. These forms are available from your 4-H leaders, FFA advisors, or online at http://www.kittitas.wsu.edu under 4-H Forms & Policies.

Each member weighing an animal at steer, lamb, goat, and swine weigh-in are required to have a copy of the up-to-date animal Producer/Breeder Affidavit & Market Animal Health Record with the original Producer/Breeder affidavit SIGNED and submitted online by the time of Weigh-In.

Attestations must be completed and submitted by both youth and adults the morning of March 27th. Attestations can be completed here: https://extension.wsu.edu/kittitas/covid-attestati...

Exhibitors who have a conflict with the March 27th date are required to write a letter to the Livestock Committee Chairman, 901 E 7th Avenue, Suite 2, Ellensburg, WA 98926 asking to be excused from the Beef Clinic by the March 16th Livestock Committee meeting. The letter needs to be written by the 4-H or FFA member requesting the excuse, address the reason for not attending, and who will weigh the animal. The 4-H Livestock Committee will review these requests. Members must have another exhibitor weigh and tag their animal.

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Memorandum to Exhibitors

All exhibitors must be appropriately dressed when showing or selling their animals. The following 4-H dress code WILL be strictly enforced: Jeans or slacks with LONG sleeve collared shirt or blouse that is tucked in. Shirts and blouses are to be buttoned to within 1 to 2 buttons from the top. Boots are HIGHLY recommended, but clean, heavy athletic shoes that are laced to the top and tied or a similar leather shoe can be substituted. NO baseball hats are to be worn in the show ring. FFA members must show in official dress consisting of Black Pants, white collared shirt, FFA tie or scarf and FFA jacket. All clothing should be clean and in good repair. Jewelry is discouraged; it can be dangerous. Superintendent will monitor and those not appropriately dressed shall not be allowed in the show or sale ring until appropriately dressed. Classes will not be held up.

According to the “Washington State 4-H Youth Development Program Policy” EM0758 (rules and regulations that 4-H follows) animals must be under the 4-H member’s regular care and management for the following periods of time prior to the official county exhibit activity, including junior livestock shows: Market Beef – 120 days; Breeding Beef – 90 days; Sheep and Swine (Breeding and Market) 60 days, Goat – 60 days. Animals raised by the 4-H member from birth are exempt from the minimum time periods.

Map Instructions

Online Judging Contest

The beef judging contest will run online from March 26 through April 5th. All beef exhibitors are expected to participate in the judging contest. Other livestock members are encouraged to participate in the judging contest.
Contest information can be found at extension.wsu.edu/kittitas/livestock-judging


Novice classes at Pre-shows/Clinic and Fair are open to Juniors who have never shown an animal of any species. All intermediates and seniors will show in their division.

The Beef Judging Contest will be held online this year. The contest will run from March 26th through April 5th. The second and third judging contests will be held later in the spring with details and times to be determined. All beef, goat, sheep and swine project members MUST judge at the Kittitas County Fair 4-H or FFA Judging Contest. Because members judge all species at the Fair, it is important that they be encouraged to participate in all judging opportunities prior to fair. Members should be familiar with how to use the judging card and beef, sheep, swine, and goat body parts appropriate for each pre-show/clinic contest. Practice judging cards and livestock parts and the key are available at the Extension Office or online www.kittitas.wsu.edu under 4-H Projects>Livestock. There will also be oral reasons given at all the judging contests. Publication EM4789 “Teaching 4-H Oral Reasons” may be picked up at the Extension Office to learn more about oral reasons.

Youth interested in participating on the State Fair Livestock Judging team need to plan on participating at the Beef Clinic, Swine Clinic or Sheep & Goat Pre-Show Judging Contests. The top 3 blue placing exhibitors at the Beef Clinic and Swine Clinic Judging Contests and the top 4 blue placing exhibitors at the Sheep & Goat Judging Contest in the intermediate and senior 4-H divisions will automatically qualify to participate on the Kittitas County State 4-H Livestock Judging team. If there is not a complete team from the top qualifiers then the next top placing blue ribbon judging scores from the clinic’s and pre-show will be invited to participate on the Kittitas County State 4-H Livestock Judging Team. This team will be eligible to judge at the State 4-H Fair in Puyallup. Breaking ties for qualifying for the judging team will be determined by the highest oral reasons score, followed by highest parts score. Kittitas County may send up to 10 intermediates and 10 seniors to the Livestock Judging contest at the Washington State 4-H Fair.
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